Bohemian Style – The absolute trend of Spring and Summer

boho style
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Bohemian Style – The absolute trend of Spring and Summer


Gutlet presents a tribute to the secrets of Bohemian Style that’s the absolute trend of this season due to the Coachella Festival.

See how you can adopt this style and enjoy it in the spring and summer.

In the gallery that follows there are dresses – and much more – that have a bohemian vibe and with the right accessories you can achieve the ultimate boho style.

Belts have a leading role this year and can be combined even with a simple slip dress and cowgirl boots to achieve the perfect boho style you want.

Chunky boots are a must for next autumn too and they dominated the Coachella Festival.

There is no successful boho style without the tone of accessories and jewelry. Hats, chokers, chains, bracelets, big sunglasses and many rings are accessories that you should definitely wear. In fact, do not be stunned to wear as much as possible.

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